Festival of Spirituality & Peace

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October 21st to October 23rd 2016

6th International Sufi Festival
The Festival of Spirituality and Peace offers a programme to help people explore their spirituality by engaging with others and promoting peace with live music, talks, dance shows and exhibitions.

Friday 21st October
Paintings Exhibition
Sufi Musical Concert

Saturday 22 October
5th GPM Session
Sufi Musical Concert

Sunday 23rd October
Sufi Film Festival
Sufi Musical Concert

Speakers Registration

Register yourself as a speaker for the 5th GPM Session ?
We require every one of our speakers to register with us , so register today to make sure everything runs smoothly for you at the Conference.

Other Required Information
When registering, we also ask you for a very short bio (400 max characters) as well as a photograph for the programme, so please make sure to have those on hand when registering. Please note, that we can’t put your bio and photo in the programme book.

Register before October 15th 2016 by sending a email to gulshaa2011@gmail.com