When we truly embark on the mystic path we come to understand that Religion is just the basic level and the second level teaches us the diverse religions of the world and the third level discards all the Religions, practices and it’s beliefs . In the fourth level a seekers is disarmed of all his Religious beliefs and it’s manifestations . The fifth level onwards one begins to start stepping towards reality of all Science, History, Philosophy and Mathematics. The Sixth level teaches us to discard Science, History, Philosophy and Mathematics since this is again distorted and a illusion. The seventh level you see the truth behind the veil. This level is the true test of every being. If you pass this test you have escaped the matrix of Illusion and if you fail you end up coming back to earth and preach on God, Religion or a saint or prophet or to be Worshipped on earth as GOD himself….

Robes are not the way to understand where you’re going. Thoughts are celebrating the world inflicted on his position. Faith is strongly resisted to be a part of the journey and thus we are prisoners in the universe created by the Ruling class of Global leaders. The God himself trying to make sure your participation is strongly associated with the universe but it’s not really sure if you will join the team to understand that there is something wrong with the universe created by the highest bidder.