Virtual Speakers

Every year we invite a growing number of peacemakers to join the Global Peace Mission in order to present their projects and ideas, their efforts and ways to build a more peaceful world. Thus, the Global Peace Mission aims to become a platform to spread the message of peacemakers.

The Global Peace Mission is established as a worldwide platform to enhance the exchange of best-practice between those active in field, i.e. peace activists and peace initiatives. This is achieved by means of workshops, online publications, projects, conferences, exhibitions and virtual activities by which we carry the message of peace into daily life.

The Virtual Speakers Platform is to host ideas and projects of expertise on our online publishing. Since physically bringing speakers to the events is often prohibitively expensive, geographic constraints are now a thing of the past thanks to the internet.

Through Virtual Speakers Platform , the topics outlined allows speakers to contribute their views and ideas . They can choose a topic based on the relevant topic outlined .

The Virtual Speakers Platform also provides a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in the Global Peace Mission by sending in their papers by email to us which will be published on our website.

In particular, we would very much appreciate it if you could structure your thought along the following lines:

1) Embracing the Ties That Bind: Connecting with Spirit
2) Peace : Spirituality & Practice
3) Inner Peace & Inspired Action
4) The Key to World Peace : Art & Culture
5) Youth Motivation Workshop – Moral & Morality
6) Basic understandings and values regarding sexual ethics
7) In this world, do people still believe in truth, moral values, brotherhood and honesty? Or are these now bookish words for a fast and ruthless world?
8) Does the world really understand the word Development? Does development mean being surrounded by impure air, rising temperatures, manufacture of weapons of mass destruction? Is the world not paying the price of understanding development incorrectly?

Your experience and comments will add an important dimension to what is potentially a very important discussion towards peace. I do hope you can make time in your busy schedule to share your ideas on this topic !

If you are an academic or professional interested in sending your essay or articles online as a speaker for this project,
We request you to provide us a short description about yourself, title and an short essay in word formatt (up to 500 words) by and email gulshaa2011@gmail. com  / tgpm2015@gmail. com

Sincerely, with many thanks,

Gulsha Begum
Co ordinator, The Global Peace Mission
Chairperson, Divine Abode Foundation
President, World Metaphysical Research Foundation
Chairperson, Kamaluddin Charitable Trust
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