Candles of Peace for Kashmir


The 4th GPM Session, Peace Candles for Kashmir was held on 16th April at Hotel Merwara Palace Ajmer at 9:30 am. The roundtable was organized by Kamaluddin Charitable Trust.

Dewan Saheb the spiritual head of Ajmer Dargah & Mehant Sompuri the spiritual head of Brahma Mandir in pushkar inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. All the delegates were welcomed with bouquets and a candle for peace was lit by every one present in the meeting.

If peace is established in Kashmir India will become a super power. Impractical politics have played havoc with Kashmir and that now, through practical and pragmatic politics, we can pave the way for a progressive Kashmir . Indian Government should take steps to amend some provisions in the A.F.S.P.A. which have allowed the Army to harass civilian Kashmiris, over the years. Time for a re-look into the A.F.S.P.A. as well, the Article 370 said Gulsha Begum Chairperson Kamaluddin Charitable Trust and President Global Peace Mission.

The Kashmiris, on the whole, seem be disillusioned and are living in an atmosphere of complete mistrust. The aim of the conference is to help them in coming out of this environment and start a new life. But for this they must recognize their own predicament that they face today. And, must come out of the imaginary world and start to live in the real, practical world. They must adopt means that are in accordance with the present conditions and thereby begin to align themselves with reality.

Article 370 was debated extensively and majority voted against it at the conference. Scholars, Doctors, Writers, Academicians, Spiritualist, Politicians , Philanthropist from Kashmir, Delhi , Ahmedabad and London participated in the ground breaking topic.

Guest of Honour and Media person from Kashmir Komal Singh opened the session by highlighting the current scenario , conflicts and highlight the issues in the valley.

Dewan Saheb said a committee must be formed with members from all states to work in Kashmir at the grassroot level and educate the people to become first Indians. In current situation people see India as oppressor. Accept the situation start the process of change with open discussion. People will join eventually as they gain trust and interest. He further added he will join the Mission to go along with the committee and hoist the Indian Flag in Kashmir. He added Kashmir must be handed to the army and strict action against terrorism and extremism must be initiated.

Mehantji said that we must neutralize the minds of the people through spiritual growth and development. It should not be a playground for politics.

Majority of the delegates voted against the existing article 370 which they said was the major obstacle in the development of Kashmir. They spoke of strong military, education, medical facilities, sanitary conditions etc should be provided to the people and bring awareness amongst them that they are Indians.

Sufi and Vedanta Scholar Sandeep Awasti said the population of Jammu and Kashmir is 1.15 crore and our government gives them eight times higher package compared to Bihar. He further added education and unemployment are the bigger problems in today’s J & K. Human Rights Commission or Womens Right Commission and Lokayukt are not existing. Due to article 370 we dont force J & K government to form these constitutional institutions. Therefore he requested that the central government must immediately take necessary to remove article 370 and take serious action for rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits.

Keynote speakers Dr Sudhir Bhargav Former Principal DAV College , Dr Meghna Sharma from Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner, Dr Sandeep Awasti Sufi & Vedanta Scholar , Professor TK Mathur MDS University emphasized on education for the youth and alike.

DL Tripati, SP Mittal, Ras Bihari Gaur, Col Rakesh Sharma, Dr Brijesh Mathur, Prakash Jain, Sabah Khan, Mahendra Singh Ralawta, Dr Sudeep Rai , Nitin Sharma, SN Chishty , BK yogini , Sophia Barta Di Albufera participated in the session.

The session was concluded with the following points

Discussing the kashmir issue is important and should be brought in notice of the people of India.

Formalize the existing arrangement (make Loc into a permanent border)

Abolish article 370 or anything alike that makes kashmir different from rest of nation. Reconsider terms of accession if the state of the states is not normal.

Kashmir was always a part of India since ancient times and it was also part of India when there was Muslim Rule in the North and under the Sikh-Empire. The people of Kashmir are confused and the politicians on both sides want them to remain so.

Bring focus on improving lives of the people. Bring Kashmiris on national platform.

Promote trade and tourism. Bring in mutual dependence. Let people build their own destiny.

Education to youth
Build Infrastructure roads, railways, schools, colleges and alike. Providing with social infrastructure, building human capacity and employment. Most of the valley’s youth is attracted to extremist elements because of poverty and lack of employment opportunities.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir should ban all the separatist organizations demanding separation from India or joining Pakistan. Those who do not want to stay with India should be given a chance to migrate to PoK, for good.

Both sides give priority to practicality rather than emotions.

Round Table on Character Assasination

IMG-20160319-WA0017The 3rd GPM Session took off with the burning topic of character assassination attempt as a deep sea of all evil in the world.

Former Vice Chancellor Kanta Ahuja of Jaipur University inaugrated the session by lighting the lamp.

DL Tripati Vice president PUCL spoke on the various laws that is in favour of women in our country and women must speak out against the culprits to seek justice.

Sabah Khan, Ragini Chaturvedi, Dr Sandeep Awasti, Hasan Chishty, Bakshish Singh, Shubhash Jain, Prerna Arora, Major Marfathiya and BRahmakumari Yogini participated in the session this morning.

The discussion on verbal abuse and emotional abuse in relationships was discussed which is on the rise, and the psychological damage it inflicts can be crippling. Sometimes with no hitting involved yet the subtle put-downs, the physical avoidance, the mocking is emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is a behavior and language designed to degrade or humiliate someone by attacking their self-value or personality. There are many women who are victims of emotional abuse said Gulsha Begum President Global Peace Mission

Dr Ravi Bhatnagar expressed his concern on how the law is misused by women most times with frivolous lawsuits against the men. He stressed that Character Assassination and Abuse is not on any one gender rather it’s experienced with both genders.

Dr Pam Erickson highlighted on the need of imparting sex education to bring awareness among the youth to bring about a change in the future generations.

Dr Sandeep Awasti highlighted the importance of events within our country and how women raped will have to struggle for action against the culprits. The system is too laid back or too much under pressure from higher authorities to not register most cases. Sadly this is the state of affairs in our country.

However the discussion was concluded by ms Begum on the solutions for all the unrest in the world was to turn towards spirituality. She said Spirituality teaches us to be the most powerful tool which allows us to negate all the unrest within us and in turn a better world is possible. The world cannot change unless each one takes to strict moral and virtues which alone can bring peace inside and outside. spirituality teaches us patience and tolerance in a world where one is assaulted mentally or physically. spirituality teaches us to seek justice from the universe when every other worldly system fails to give justice. Silience and faith is the greatest weapon in the world.

The participants were honoured and the session was concluded with high tea.

3rd GPM session on character assasination with Domestic violence rape & abuse

Press Release/ 16-03-2016 / Ajmer India :

3rd GPM session on character Assasination with Domestic Violence Rape and Abuse will be held at the Al Ikhlas gallery Foysagar Road Ajmer on the 19th March at 9.30 am

Spokesperson for Global Peace Mission and Divine Abode Foundation said that this is a burning topic in our country today. He further said the session will focus on how one can deal with Character Assasination in different walks of life.

Ms Gulsha Begum President Global Peace Mission said that every where there is a need to address these issues , be it marriage, workplace, society, schools, college, politics , films etc the disease of maligning another person is common and sometimes it leads to suicide.

The aim of the session is to deal with such abuse and assault with solutions for peace inside and outside.

Ragini Chaturvedi, Prof TK Mathur, DL Tripati, Kanta Ahuja , Madhu Khanna, Dr Ravi Bhatnagar, Sabah khan, Dr Sandip Awasti, Major Marfathiya, Subhash Jain, Pramila Singh, Pam Erickson, Vinod Erickson, Hasan Chishty are the few distinguished speakers who will participate in the conference.

The event organised by kamaluddin charitable trust and Divine Abode Foundation in association with national human rights council for women.

Paper by Pt Deepak Sharma

Development and Peace

The role of Moral and Ethical Values through spiritual practices is not only important, but foundation of global peace.
The word “ Development “ is commonly used in public life. It is essential to understand this so called Development in terms of its impact on human life and society, its contribution to our planet and its strength on sustainability. The Development can be economic, mental and social. Where all have different results. Therefore, we must study before making a plan for the development. It may help the society and it may have adverse impact on the society. It needs carefull handling.

Peace is nothing to do with Development and if we want peace on this planet, it can not be achieved by only dialogues, it needs trust, values and inspirations, which can be gathered through the spiritual belief and followings.

Therefore, it is suggested that religious and spiritual path must be adopted for long lasting and assured results in any kind of conflict or differences amongst us, society or huminity.

Contributed by Pt. Deepak Sharma,
Spokesperson All India Brahmin Mahasabha, New Delhi

Paper by Prof TK Mathur

The Seeds of Composite Culture in the ethos leading to World peace
Since the dawn of Human Society and the emergence of great but contrasting civilisations like the Indus,Greek,Roman,Egyptian,Chinese etc; a recurrent theme in the mindset of rational human beings was the concept and desire of world peace .But with the establishment and emergence of major empire world peace became elusive and mankind indulged in constant  warfare with each other and from simple weapons man developed weapons of mass destruction which caused untold misery the world over.This resultant tragedy continues unabated and one despairs to think of the shape of things to come.
Why did man wage incessant war against his fellow beings?There was territorial aggrandisement lust for economic gains , dominance of man over man, racial superiority and above all imposition of one’s faith and culture over others.Some leading intellectuals of the preceding generations and present age has stressed on the aspect of the emergence of a composite culture to reduce global tension as it lead to universal acceptance . As a humble student of History I have long dwelt upon the fact that the aspect of composite culture first emerges locally or regionally and then spreads as a mass movement .
Contributed by Prof T.K Mathur , Ajmer 

Paper by Dr Shagufta Yasmin

Spirituality- the gateway to the universal peace
Spirituality is a mental condition which continues to regenerate our mind, body and soul leading to a perfect and positive state of mind. Spiritual growth implies the mastery of patience which in turn allows the unfolding of destiny to proceed at its own pace leading to the ultimate satisfaction in all walks of human life.

Spirituality leads a person to raise his thought above the level of material world and helps in eradicating negative thoughts from within.

People search for the inner peace but it is always there within themselves in the form of spirit in their soul. The human nature of tolerance, forgiveness, humbleness, compassion, the spirit of co-existence and the fear of Almighty makes our thought positive and deeds successful.

In order to achieve the ultimate success in life, it is well said that “Never be in hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset”. Success isn’t measured by money or power or social rank. Rather it is measured by your discipline, calmness and inner peace.

To sum up, Spirituality correlates not only the humanity but the whole Universe in its quest to spread the message of love, peace and equality amongst everything where ever there is life and therefore “the Spirituality is the Gateway to the Universal Peace”.

Contributed by
Urdu & Islamic Scholar , Anchor, Zee Salaam
Senior Research Fellow, ,Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India.