Paper by Pt Deepak Sharma

Development and Peace

The role of Moral and Ethical Values through spiritual practices is not only important, but foundation of global peace.
The word “ Development “ is commonly used in public life. It is essential to understand this so called Development in terms of its impact on human life and society, its contribution to our planet and its strength on sustainability. The Development can be economic, mental and social. Where all have different results. Therefore, we must study before making a plan for the development. It may help the society and it may have adverse impact on the society. It needs carefull handling.

Peace is nothing to do with Development and if we want peace on this planet, it can not be achieved by only dialogues, it needs trust, values and inspirations, which can be gathered through the spiritual belief and followings.

Therefore, it is suggested that religious and spiritual path must be adopted for long lasting and assured results in any kind of conflict or differences amongst us, society or huminity.

Contributed by Pt. Deepak Sharma,
Spokesperson All India Brahmin Mahasabha, New Delhi