Paper by Prof TK Mathur

The Seeds of Composite Culture in the ethos leading to World peace
Since the dawn of Human Society and the emergence of great but contrasting civilisations like the Indus,Greek,Roman,Egyptian,Chinese etc; a recurrent theme in the mindset of rational human beings was the concept and desire of world peace .But with the establishment and emergence of major empire world peace became elusive and mankind indulged in constant  warfare with each other and from simple weapons man developed weapons of mass destruction which caused untold misery the world over.This resultant tragedy continues unabated and one despairs to think of the shape of things to come.
Why did man wage incessant war against his fellow beings?There was territorial aggrandisement lust for economic gains , dominance of man over man, racial superiority and above all imposition of one’s faith and culture over others.Some leading intellectuals of the preceding generations and present age has stressed on the aspect of the emergence of a composite culture to reduce global tension as it lead to universal acceptance . As a humble student of History I have long dwelt upon the fact that the aspect of composite culture first emerges locally or regionally and then spreads as a mass movement .
Contributed by Prof T.K Mathur , Ajmer