Paper by Gulsha Begum

Solutions for terrorism

How can peace be established in the world ? No amount of sermons punishment, lecture, action can solve the problem. The only way is for each individual’s problems to be tackled with Enlightenment

Enlightenment towards the hidden truth is the only way to solve the problems, of great turmoil and violence not only in India but throughout the world. Violence is the result of the deep anger, hatred, and animosity in the minds of the people, and these negativities are manifested. When the mind is full of negativity, it will succumb to violence and harm others.

After all, society is made up of individuals. If you forget the individual and want to change the whole world, you will not be successful. If the whole jungle has withered and you want to see it green and blooming, you have to water the root of every tree. If each tree becomes green, the entire jungle will become green. Similarly, you have to deal with individuals; although it takes time, there is no other way. Spirituality beyond Religion is the only solution.

We must have compassion, not hatred, for these miserable people-the terrorists and those who use violence. They need insight and If they are brought towards enlightenment , they will certainly change for the better.

People have changed when they realise the truth , and this is bound to happen . And when the individual changes, society will change. If even ten percent of society practise a spiritual path and manifest their purity, goodwill, they will start to attract more and more people, and the whole society will start changing. This is the only solution.

Contributor Gulsha Begum
President Global Peace Mission

Paper by Dr Anshu Arora

Youth Technology and Society.

In the past few decades our society has moved towards technology, management and finance. All these inputs are pro-elite and generally tend to benefit the elite.

Therefore there is a need to focus on relevance of social development to modern day society and the role youth may play in the process of development.

There is a time lag between technological and economical advancement of a society and its adjustments to such changes. Literacy is an important factor in this regard.This time lag can be shortened by literacy and scientific and technological advancement.
We are living in a knowledge era.

The society is in a flux…information technology and similar technology based institutions are almost dichotomizing the society between haves and have-nots,the knowledgeable and others.
There is a need for bridging the digital divide and social cohesiveness as society undergoes major transformations under the impact of technological changes.

Contributed by Dr.Anshu Arora

Paper by Pt Deepak Sharma

Development and Peace

The role of Moral and Ethical Values through spiritual practices is not only important, but foundation of global peace.
The word “ Development “ is commonly used in public life. It is essential to understand this so called Development in terms of its impact on human life and society, its contribution to our planet and its strength on sustainability. The Development can be economic, mental and social. Where all have different results. Therefore, we must study before making a plan for the development. It may help the society and it may have adverse impact on the society. It needs carefull handling.

Peace is nothing to do with Development and if we want peace on this planet, it can not be achieved by only dialogues, it needs trust, values and inspirations, which can be gathered through the spiritual belief and followings.

Therefore, it is suggested that religious and spiritual path must be adopted for long lasting and assured results in any kind of conflict or differences amongst us, society or huminity.

Contributed by Pt. Deepak Sharma,
Spokesperson All India Brahmin Mahasabha, New Delhi

Paper by Prof TK Mathur

The Seeds of Composite Culture in the ethos leading to World peace
Since the dawn of Human Society and the emergence of great but contrasting civilisations like the Indus,Greek,Roman,Egyptian,Chinese etc; a recurrent theme in the mindset of rational human beings was the concept and desire of world peace .But with the establishment and emergence of major empire world peace became elusive and mankind indulged in constant  warfare with each other and from simple weapons man developed weapons of mass destruction which caused untold misery the world over.This resultant tragedy continues unabated and one despairs to think of the shape of things to come.
Why did man wage incessant war against his fellow beings?There was territorial aggrandisement lust for economic gains , dominance of man over man, racial superiority and above all imposition of one’s faith and culture over others.Some leading intellectuals of the preceding generations and present age has stressed on the aspect of the emergence of a composite culture to reduce global tension as it lead to universal acceptance . As a humble student of History I have long dwelt upon the fact that the aspect of composite culture first emerges locally or regionally and then spreads as a mass movement .
Contributed by Prof T.K Mathur , Ajmer 

Paper by Ashok bala

Spiritual Values & Peace for Living Together
Our modern society is driven by a culture of materialism while the whole of human life is in a state of turmoil due to conflicts & violence in the society. Human values are decreasing at very fast rate resulting in declining the quality of life.of the people. At the dawn of the new millennium, what is required most is ‘Spiritual Values & Peace for Living together ‘in 21st century’.

God has many different names because there are many different religions but essentially, it is the same God. As there is only one God who created the whole universe, then there should be no difference from one person to another. Major world religions involved are Baha’ism, Buddhism Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism they all teach about universal peace & Human unity through Love & compassion. All religions teach about Universal Peace & Human unity through Love & Compassion My presentation on “Spiritual Peace Values & Spiritual Practice for Peaceful Co-existence “ is based on shared Spiritual Values in Islam & Eastern Religions with Love , Respect, Peace .Compassion & Forgiveness for peaceful living together & creating a peaceful and sustainable society..

Contributed by
Ms.Ashok Bala
Spiritual Guide & Healer
Krishna Astro Vision (KAV)
Holistic Sciences Research Institute (HSRI), New India

Paper by Gulsha Begum


We often speak of freedom, respect, non violence, womens liberation, peace harmony etc. But unless we understand the root cause of all violence, and implement it in our daily lives there is no way we can achieve the mission.
The Root cause of all Evil in society is Evil itself. This is where we must take the path towards the spirit. The spirit is the unknown Goddess in the universe. Unless we walk towards that path irrespective of religion caste or creed, to know the reality that is hidden beyond all experiences , there is no solution for all our turmoil.
We need to break the matrix that has bound us within confined norms such as religion, Caste, gender difference, materialism and embark on a unknown path where the solutions for all our miseries is hidden . This path demands strict moral ethical and spiritual discipline.
The truth must be experienced by each one of us and knowledge of this hidden truth elevates the position of every living being. Through this we experience liberation of the mind and self. From ages there is a search for the truth. Who is God, Why there is so much violence in the world, What is worship, Who is Allah SHIVA God Jesus Moses Mohammed? ? Why there is no solution for all the efforts of man ?? and above all who is God and what is the universe all about?? These answers are the solution for our problems. And the answer is available if we make a sincere effort and sacrifice. This is the solution for every problem in the universe. The world spirit wishes to be heard but her voice is unheard as we are busy with Religious issues, Conflict Resolutions, Materialism or Relationship issues or Development. Unless we rise above all this we will remain within this prison matrix going in circles generation after generation recycled from one lifetime to another yet with no solution or answers for our existence or inner as well as outer turmoil as we continue to remain within the illusionary matrix.

Contributed by
Gulsha Begum
Chairperson Divine Abode Foundation
President World Metaphysical Research Foundation

Paper by Dr Subhash Chandra

Title of paper
Spiritual & Moral values for World Peace & Human Unity in 21st Century

The world has witnessed dramatic changes in the 20th Century. Humanity is facing a terrible challenge of its own existence. The whole human life is in a state of turmoil because modern civilization is based on conflicts & violence.
We are living in a world of crisis, Crisis of Humanity, Crisis of Civilization and Crisis of Values. Crisis of Humanity includes the – increase in Poverty & Population and decreasing Peace. Crisis of civilization – includes hatred, intolerance and violence in the society between the people, between the groups and between the nations due to decreasing human values.
The crisis humanity faces today is a Spiritual crisis, and it can only be resolved by unity of minds, unity of cultures & unity of Religions. Religion as a social force plays an important role in building peace & harmony and also developing nonviolent global sustainable society.

Contributed by
Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Chandra
• Founder Trustee – Global Peace Foundation (GPF), New Delhi, India.
• International Coordinator, World without Anger (WWA) Kathmandu Nepal.