Paper by Veda Ravi Shangar

Power of Women

What existing going on with in us and around?

Awake Alert Aware

“Where there is Belief, there is Relief”

“First Belief Yourself, then Believe God”

“Listen to Others Decision is Yours”

“Faith + Determination + Dedication + hard Effort = Success”     GURU.


Vedic & Scientific Research Foundation

At present, most of the women are not aware of what’s going on around them. Since past so many years and even in Kritha yuga, dvaapar yuga, thretha yuga, most of men controlled women, they used women’s emotional weakness. Males do not take female’s opinion for family or social issues, and always do their own way but some men respect women, take care of women’s heart, secure her,  ask for her views and opinions on every step of life. Those people who live with pure love, and try their best to understand each other, respect each other really attain moksha or self-realization. But that happens very rarely. As per science, as per nature’s laws, women’s brain is higher and stronger than men, they can multitask very well, and prolonged and deep thinking with strong imagination comes more easily to women as compared to men. But they are only weak in heart, are very emotional, get overwhelmed with feelings…. this makes them stressed and unhappy. Men use this weakness. Today women are used to market many products. She is treated as commodity. Even her dresses are designed and controlled by men. All the education system she gets educated in, the clothes she wears, the technology she uses, the food she eats, the professions she chooses, her work life, her family life and even her personal life are directly or indirectly controlled by male dominated society and its self-appointed promiscuous leaders.

Thus, it’s high time to take her life in her own hands and live it the way she wants. For this,

1. Women should realize their worth and power and should be proud to be a woman.

2. They should design their own life starting from dress and food.

3. Our society still doesn’t have any separate systems for women which can promote and bring out the best n them, not even education, research and all most of them are stuck in the system designed by and for men only.

 4. It’s the hour’s need to become alert, aware, and awaken. As there is  woman behind many successful male leaders in all field but very few accept this.

5. It is much called for now that a separate system is made for women in all fields, which is fair and promotes their potential in every way with the support of some men with good and open heart and mind because according to our ancient texts if man cares for woman’s heart as he is secure from heart, then woman can do anything in this universe for peace and prosperity. (Men need women to take care of their minds as they have stronger minds.)

6. All social and familial systems are redesigned separately for both males and females according to their energy of body, mind, and spirit to bring out the best of both and promote world peace and happiness.

7. Both genders should understand their own limitations also.

8. Whatever a man can do, woman cannot do certain things because of their energy make up and same applies to men.

9. Both should understand and accept each other, join hands and do their best for self-peace and universe peace.

10. Women are representatives of Wisdom, Peace & Love.

11. Women Unity create many wonder in this Universe Peace.

Contributed by Veda Ravi Shangar
Vedic & Scientific Research Foundation (VSRF)
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WWA welcomes Gulsha Begum on board

Press Release/28/02/2016/ FB_IMG_1456062489577 World without anger (WWA) Nepal has honoured Ms Begum Gulsha as Member of its Editorial Advisory Board.

Founder President Mr DM Basnet said that the organization welcomes ms begum and has similar views and share the same belief system. He added that peace is possible by awakening the world to the presence within through our body mind and spirit which will inspire an ever widening harmonious circle of life.

Ms Begum said I am deeply honoured to be a part of the prestigious organization and share the similar vision that peace is possible when we can get to the hidden secrets which is before the universe began. To achieve this knowledge we need to connect to our spirit and that is possible by diving into the path which leads to the ultimate truth.

World Without Anger ( WWA) is working closely with Lumbini Buddhist University, UNESCO, the Ministry of Education and other Government agencies and private school associations to carry out their mission.

Ajmer peace conference concluded with call for action against terrorism and extremist

Ajmer Peace conference concluded with volatile discussion on peace interfaith dialogue, Religion, Spiritual and call to action against terrorism and extremism in the world. The conference was organized by Divine Abode Foundation and National Human rights council for women Rajasthan.

The audience joined the open discussion by stating that the present Lord Krishna was the government and there is no such efforts to eradicate terrorism which is decline in dharma on earth and establishing virtue.

President Global Peace Mission Gulsha Begum said that the people – have a collective responsibility in the society we are living in. This responsibility is our DHARMA. however, we must make an effort to properly understand the many factors that drive terrorism and extremism of all kinds in the modern world. Otherwise, we run the risk of never being able to properly address and eradicate this plague. There is no option but to understand this if we are serious about building a better future, one which confronts and ends this serious situation that threatens people in all parts of the globe.

Ragini Chaturvedi President National Human Rights Council of India for Women ( Raj ) said Terrorist groups use religion as a cloak to cover up for their cowardly acts of violence. Their ideological fallacy reveal their hidden logic and ill-informed and unauthentic sources, which they turn to in order to justify their insatiable desire for power, control and bloodshed. These ideologies of hate and terror must be challenged and expunged. Komal Singh Journalist and Media Person at Zee Media & Zee Salam, Jammu & Kashmir said peace is most needed in Kashmir and it is important for us at this time of great sadness to stand together and process this horrific incident hovering on the people of Kashmir in a way that is fair and just. It is important that to eradicate terrorism from Kashmir is the need of the immediate scenario which cannot be solved with out action from the people of India and Kashmir. Dr Brijesh Mathur said through global education we can build bridges across all divides in today’s ever changing times and events that have consistently changed our views, relationships, and affiliations along the lines of race, culture, and religion.

Today values are eroding fast. There is a total decadence in social and moral value. In today’s cut throat competition even the parents instruct their children that they should top in the class. The criteria for promotion in schools are marks in sciences and social sciences, but not moral science. But childhood is a very impressionable age. The mind is like soft wax, so whatever one is taught at a tender age it leaves a deep impression. Therefore Moral science must be made a compulsory in school curriculum said Nisha Shekawat Vice President Rotary Club. Dr Ananth Bhatnagar Principal of VSPS College spoke of all evil in society which is the root of all problem in the world since the religion is been distorted to suit each ones ideology. Dr Ravi Bhatnagar emphasized that most extremist are products of troubled environments and have distorted and misguided interpretations of Religion that have no basis in traditional doctrine. Their aim is to create havoc and chaos in the world. Dr Rakesh Sharma Editor Chief Indoria Samachar said so called violence in other scriptures have a suitable interpretation, though the meanings may have been distorted over time. The scriptures in their true form were revealed to humanity for spiritual elevation of mankind. Col Dr Rakesh Sharma Director Shivalik Group of Institutes said we are witnessing a phenomenon in religions where people without a sound foundation in religious learning attempt to represent themselves as religious authorities, even though they are lacking scholarly qualifications for making valid interpretations of religious law and ethics. It is this unruly attitude that paves the way for extremist interpretations of Religion that are not based in reality.

Bakshish Singh Sufi Author & Researcher emphasized on the Sufi concept of Religion and how spirituality must be followed to achieve success in the world.

Vikram Singh said in the name of Development or Science we are doing immense harm to the Nature and other living beings, which have equal rights along with us to live in the World.

Dr Sandeep awasti Sufi and Vedanta Scholar contradicted it by saying that in most cases of terrorism there is no sincere effort by so called government to instill peace anywhere as terrorism

Brahmakumari Yogini spoke on how we can strengthen our connection towards God and achieve the much needed peace within and outside.

The speakers were honored with momentos and certificates after the lighting of the lamp.

Shailesh Garg Atul Agarwal and Anil Khandelwal were felicitated fvcor their initiatives as team members for Global Peace Mission.

The conference was concluded with national anthem.

Ajmer celebrates UN World Interfaith Harmony Week


Ajmer will be celebrating the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week which will be held at Al Ikhlas Museum and Gallery Campus at 1:45 pm until 5 pm in Foysagar Road.

The conference is organized by Divine Abode Foundation and National Human Rights Council for Women Rajasthan.

The aim of the conference is to promote the culture of interfaith dialogue and Humanity. The event is to bring peace solutions to the problems of communal harmony between Religions. The conference is to guide the people on interfaith education among children, look beyond Religion and accept each other as our brothers and sisters.

Divine Abode Foundation is a secular organization and believe in promoting peace through implementation of spiritual guidance said Atul Agarwal.

Gulsha Begum President Global Peace Mission and chairperson Divine Abode Foundation has launched a nation wide program Global Peace Mission in January with a series of events lined up for this year in different states. Ajmer is chosen as the take off point for this mission to implement peace and secularism among the people.
The event is free and open to Public