Paper by Dr Anshu Arora

Youth Technology and Society.

In the past few decades our society has moved towards technology, management and finance. All these inputs are pro-elite and generally tend to benefit the elite.

Therefore there is a need to focus on relevance of social development to modern day society and the role youth may play in the process of development.

There is a time lag between technological and economical advancement of a society and its adjustments to such changes. Literacy is an important factor in this regard.This time lag can be shortened by literacy and scientific and technological advancement.
We are living in a knowledge era.

The society is in a flux…information technology and similar technology based institutions are almost dichotomizing the society between haves and have-nots,the knowledgeable and others.
There is a need for bridging the digital divide and social cohesiveness as society undergoes major transformations under the impact of technological changes.

Contributed by Dr.Anshu Arora