Mysticism & Peace

Today Qabalah, Freemasonry, the Tijaniyah Order, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Sufism are all used by itself as a distorted version to instill a movement within the minds of the youth by the people who have their own conceited agenda. However that does not mean that there is no such path which leads a person to the truth. It’s sad that mysticism is being misused as true mysticism exist and true mysticism is beyond terrorism, extremism or satanic cult. True mysticism knows no religion, rituals, hatred , violence or its not about any outer conflict. The world has always used Religion as a facade to justify their wrong doings similarly mysticism is being used as a facade for justfying wrong action. However let’s understand true mysticism is beyond material wealth, conflicts, Religion, rituals, violence, Rights, family, children or sex.
Let us not give any name to the inner path which associates it with Religious beliefs and practices. Mysticism is a path which belongs to everyone irrespective of Religion, gender, caste and creed. We cannot name it Sufism, Kundalini, Srividya Sadhana , Qabbalah or anything else. Mysticism is just plain Mysticism and the personality on the path becomes a mystic. This is the true meaning of the term mysticism. There is no rituals or bayat in this path. Its all about connecting yourself to the spirit which is the true Goddess. The true creator does not demand worship or sacrifice or blood. It just needs us to calm our minds and hearts, detatch ourselves with the wordly desires and it’s manifestations of God’s and seek out the truth behind the lies which is keeping us busy in the universe.
According to true mysticism we are the prisoners on Earth and rest is all a illusion the greatest lie ever told to mankind

The Great secret is that all humanity and all creation were one and every single thing was a part of the whole which is the spirit, which included the creative and destructive power. But, humanity is put to sleep so that they will not be awakened from within, and save the rest of humanity. This power is known to few chosen ones for destruction and came through the aid of the mysterious power called the Lord of the Time who is the God of this Universe.

To qualify for such , the aspirant had to believe at a higher level that all religion, philosophy and the like were fraudulent. All that mattered was the individual, who could attain fulfillment only through servitude to the greatest developed power – the God. The last level brings the revelation of the secret that there was no such thing as belief: all that mattered was action. And the only God of the mankind is the Satan himself. At this point 99.9 percent accept the pact and perhaps .1 percent reject the pact which frees the spirit from its prison and helps the spirit carry out action against the Lord of the Time which the God himself.

Let us not be fooled into believing the false claims and distorted books and paths that does not intend to make correction to bring peace. Let us walk with our eyes open and march towards the spirit which alone can help humanity to elevate to a higher dimension and free us from the prison system where we are imprisoned within the prison matrix by the Lord of Time , the God of the universe.