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In a world with conflict and discord, the mission towards promoting peace, tolerance and harmony is to reflect on the spirituality by implementing moral, ethical values with a deep spiritual foundation

After the grand success of the annual International Sufi Festival in Ajmer and Noida, Gulsha Begum has initiated the Global Peace Mission. A step further towards the mission of peace and harmony.

Since Ajmer is been the most significant point spiritually and politically  in India it is chosen as the take off point. A SERIES of events is lined up for this year in various states.There could, therefore be no other suitable place to begin a global mission and to pilot the peace movement worldwide. In short, a ideal center from every point of view to conduct the toughest encounters between the forces of materialism and spiritualism the world has ever witnessed without recourse to any kind of armed conflict, pressure or constraint.

With more insecurity locally and nationally and  increasing growing social tension and conflict, environmental crises which are looming on the horizon more and more individuals are more interested to propagate peace on the world forum when there is a immediate challenge breeding within their own democratic country. If each of us aim at simply conversing or presiding on international forums how can peace be achieved nationally or locally .

All citizens of democratic countries have an obligation to first work within their countries which require urgent support towards peace-oriented initiatives. Humanity’s first line of defence is to safeguard our own collective security. When our own internal security is rifled how do we set an example on the Global Forum.
Unless we as a team dedicate to work aggressively to achieve peace within our democratic country we together as a nation will set a example globally on our culture and values.

Conflict, violence, arms and internal strife are the most serious obstacles to development and economic growth, and are also the cause and the consequence of social injustice. It is against this background that we have to discuss new forms of partnership collectively rise to the challenges posed by violence, complex emergencies and conflicts.

Faced with these enormous challenges, we are initiated to join a  battle aimed at building peace and preventing violence. The solution is through an integrated, holistic approach, combining a multiplicity of methods will help understand the sources of violence and social strife.

The ultimate aim is to form the widest possible coalition of like-minded individual groups, governments and NGOs in a drive to control and limit the transfer of small arms to areas and communities where they are likely to incite conflict, violence and human rights abuses.

Vision: Peaceful- local, national and global communities

Mission: To build peaceful relationships among people of all religion, ages and cultures – from personal to global – through moral, ethical values, spirituality, education , research and action

1)Provide a strong platform, for spirituality, values, educational, community and activities
2)Harness commitment and expertise.
3)Liaise and partner with others working for peace
4) Provide practical tools for peaceful living including skills and methods for conflict resolution and violence prevention

The conference aims to discuss the issues of extremism and find ways to work out effective counter-narratives. With a number of scholars, writers, journalists, university academicians, social activists and grassroots workers, the event is targeted at finding more constructive ways to spread the message of peace and tolerance .

While extremism has penetrated the countries in different forms, the world need a strong consensus to contain the menace of radical thoughts and religious extremism. The need to propound truly unique and immaculate spiritual theories, which can enlarge the ambit of modern approaches to peace, non-violence and conflict resolution. It is the time to explore new paradigms to respond to the imperatives of modern context.

The mission with a clear objective of propagating peace, pluralism, tolerance, religious moderation and reconciliation among different faiths and traditions.

The invited distinguished scholars, Sufi luminaries, peace activists will contribute papers with ideas and solutions. The Seminar is of interdisciplinary nature. Therefore, contributors are welcome to look at the sub-themes and other topics that are attuned to the parameters of the main theme of the Seminars.