Kamaluddin Charitable Trust

Kamal Uddin Charitable Trust

Kamaluddin Charitable Trust is a Secular Social, Educational, Charitable, Voluntary & Cultural organization dedicated to the service of uplifting Humanity through its various programs.

Global Peace Mission is a project of Kamaluddin Charitable Trust with the stated aim of bringing Hindu, Christians, Jews  and Muslim communities  closer together.

It aims at the upliftment of all Community as a whole and restore the peace in the country, and support the secular fabric of the Nation and strengthen the unity and national integrity.

Gulsha Begum Chairperson Kamaluddin Charitable Trust, Al Ikhlas Museum & Gallery, Festival Director – Founder of International Sufi Festival. Begum is a descendant of Gul Shah Chishty Qadria a sufi saint from the northern frontiers of Afghanistan who came to India and his Dargah is situated in South Kanara district. Begum is a Mysticis , Teacher, Healer, Clairvoyant and also a Artist. Through her initiatives and addresses, in India and abroad she has consistently emphasized the need for reinforcing human values .

We are dedicated towards Promoting the Principles & Teachings of peace, brotherhood & Communal harmony across the Nation. We aim to bring a sense of mutual respect & greater understanding between all communities in the country. Further by spreading the  Teachings of Brotherhood and Tolerance through education, seminars, workshops, events, festivals and exhibition.

Our mission is to revive the message of peace, love and communal harmony amongst the People of the Country by fostering Modern academic, Technical Education, Good Values, Disciplined Behavior, Culture amongst the youth of the country.

The Council believes in Supporting & Strengthening, the unity of communities  in the country by publishing Literatures, Journals, Articles in various Languages and Organizing Seminars, Symposiums, Conferences, Guidance Sessions. Personality development Training & Communication skills in English, Hindi, Arabic, Urdu & other regional Languages.

Our responsibility is to create awareness & educate the people and create a bridge of oneness amongst all communities.

We look forward to merge with organizations who are working towards the blessed cause of creating peaceful environment of trust & understanding among all

The primary role is to create awareness by Distinguishing spiritual leadership from other forms of leadership which can free people from unrealistic organization and work through a difficult conflict resolution and restore vision, vitality and hope with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness and gentleness, even in the most difficult times.

Kamaluddin Charitable Trust is a nonprofit organization with the following purposes:

A. To facilitate communication of educational research, theory, and practice concerning character assassination, domestic violence, Rape and Abuse across disciplinary boundaries.

B. To expand a community of scholars and practitioners who have scientific and practical interests in examining the phenomenon of character assassination and defamation.

C. To provide mutual support among members of with regard to their freedom to generate and disseminate their findings and ideas.

Whether you’re an academic or someone who is curious about the subject, discussion, feedback, and observations of your own are welcome and highly encouraged.