4th GPM Session


The 4th GPM Session, Peace Candles for Kashmir was held on 16th April at Hotel Merwara Palace Ajmer at 9:30 am. The roundtable was organized by Kamaluddin Charitable Trust.

Dewan Saheb the spiritual head of Ajmer Dargah & Mehant Sompuri the spiritual head of Brahma Mandir in pushkar inaugurated the event by lighting the lamp. All the delegates were welcomed with bouquets and a candle for peace was lit by every one present in the meeting.

If peace is established in Kashmir India will become a super power. Impractical politics have played havoc with Kashmir and that now, through practical and pragmatic politics, we can pave the way for a progressive Kashmir . Indian Government should take steps to amend some provisions in the A.F.S.P.A. which have allowed the Army to harass civilian Kashmiris, over the years. Time for a re-look into the A.F.S.P.A. as well, the Article 370 said Gulsha Begum Chairperson Kamaluddin Charitable Trust and President Global Peace Mission.

The Kashmiris, on the whole, seem be disillusioned and are living in an atmosphere of complete mistrust. The aim of the conference is to help them in coming out of this environment and start a new life. But for this they must recognize their own predicament that they face today. And, must come out of the imaginary world and start to live in the real, practical world. They must adopt means that are in accordance with the present conditions and thereby begin to align themselves with reality.

Article 370 was debated extensively and majority voted against it at the conference. Scholars, Doctors, Writers, Academicians, Spiritualist, Politicians , Philanthropist from Kashmir, Delhi , Ahmedabad and London participated in the ground breaking topic.

Guest of Honour and Media person from Kashmir Komal Singh opened the session by highlighting the current scenario , conflicts and highlight the issues in the valley.

Dewan Saheb said a committee must be formed with members from all states to work in Kashmir at the grassroot level and educate the people to become first Indians. In current situation people see India as oppressor. Accept the situation start the process of change with open discussion. People will join eventually as they gain trust and interest. He further added he will join the Mission to go along with the committee and hoist the Indian Flag in Kashmir. He added Kashmir must be handed to the army and strict action against terrorism and extremism must be initiated.

Mehantji said that we must neutralize the minds of the people through spiritual growth and development. It should not be a playground for politics.

Sufi and Vedanta Scholar Sandeep Awasti said the population of Jammu and Kashmir is 1.15 crore and our government gives them eight times higher package compared to Bihar. He further added education and unemployment are the bigger problems in today’s J & K. Human Rights Commission or Womens Right Commission and Lokayukt are not existing. Due to article 370 we dont force J & K government to form these constitutional institutions. Therefore he requested that the central government must immediately take necessary to remove article 370 and take serious action for rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pundits.

Majority of the delegates voted against the existing article 370 which they said was the major obstacle in the development of Kashmir. They spoke of strong military, education, medical facilities, sanitary conditions etc should be provided to the people and bring awareness amongst them that they are Indians.

Keynote speakers Dr Sudhir Bhargav Former Principal DAV College , Dr Meghna Sharma from Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner, Dr Sandeep Awasti Sufi & Vedanta Scholar , Professor TK Mathur MDS University emphasized on education for the youth and alike.

DL Tripati, SP Mittal, Ras Bihari Gaur, Col Rakesh Sharma, Dr Brijesh Mathur, Prakash Jain, Sabah Khan, Mahendra Singh Ralawta, Dr Sudeep Rai , Nitin Sharma, SN Chishty , BK yogini , Sophia Barta Di Albufera participated in the session.

The session was concluded with the following points

Discussing the kashmir issue is important and should be brought in notice of the people of India.

Formalize the existing arrangement (make Loc into a permanent border)

Abolish article 370 or anything alike that makes kashmir different from rest of nation. Reconsider terms of accession if the state of the states is not normal.

Kashmir was always a part of India since ancient times and it was also part of India when there was Muslim Rule in the North and under the Sikh-Empire. The people of Kashmir are confused and the politicians on both sides want them to remain so.

Bring focus on improving lives of the people. Bring Kashmiris on national platform.

Promote trade and tourism. Bring in mutual dependence. Let people build their own destiny.

Education to youth
Build Infrastructure roads, railways, schools, colleges and alike. Providing with social infrastructure, building human capacity and employment. Most of the valley’s youth is attracted to extremist elements because of poverty and lack of employment opportunities.

The state of Jammu and Kashmir should ban all the separatist organizations demanding separation from India or joining Pakistan. Those who do not want to stay with India should be given a chance to migrate to PoK, for good.

Both sides give priority to practicality rather than emotions.

Date :- Saturday 16th April 2016 Venue :- Hotel Merwara Palace

What is the best solution to instill peace in Kashmir?
9:30 am Lighting of Lamp
9:40 am Welcoming Dewan Saheb and Mehant Saheb
Welcoming and Introduction of all delegates
10:00 am Introduction Session by Gulsha Begum
A little background on the Kashmir issue will be shared.
10:10 am Opening Session by Komal Singh

Guest of Honour
His Holiness Dewan Syed Abedin Ali , Sajjadanashin & Spiritual Head of Ajmer Dargah
Director Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Educational Trust

Guest of Honour
His Holiness Mehant Sompuri
Spiritual Head of Brahma Temple, Pushkar

Guest of Honour
Komal Singh
Journalist and Media Person at Zee Media & Zee Salam, Jammu & Kashmir
Chairperson Jammu Kashmir Rural Development Society
Convenenir Rashtra Muslim Manch, Jammu & Kashmir

Guest of Honour
Anup Parasher
PRO Brahma Temple

Guest of Honour
Mahendra Singh Ralawta
Ex Congress President
Ajmer District Congress Committee

Guest of Honour
Sabah Khan, President Ajmer Mahila Congress

Guest of Honour
Sophia Barta Di Albufera
Sufi Researcher & Writer / Photographer, London

Guest of Honour
Rajkumari Dadhwal
Social Activist, Jammu & Kashmir

Guest of Honour
Nitin Sharma, Social Activist

Keynote Speaker
Dr Sudhir Bhargav, Former Principal DAV College

Keynote Speaker
Dr. Meghna Sharma
Associate Professor, Department of History,
Maharaja Ganga Singh University, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

Keynote Speaker
Retd. Prof. T.K Mathur
Head of History Department
Dean of Social Science, M.D.S University, Ajmer

Keynote Speaker
Dr Sandeep Awasthi
Sufi and Vedanta Scholar
Documentary Film Maker

Keynote Address
DL Tripati, Vice President PUCL
Joint Secretary Citizens Council Ajmer

Keynote Address
SP Mittal, President Press Club Ajmer

Keynote Address
Col Dr Rakesh Sharma
Director Shivalik Group of Institutes

Distinguished Speakers
Raas Bihari Gaur
International Poet & Writer
Convenor of Ajmer Literature Festival

Dr Brijesh Mathur
Poorv Chikitsa Adhikshak
( Medical Superintendent and Professor of Surgery. JLN Hospital Ajmer

Dr Sudeep Rai, Eminent Musician and Author of Jahan e Sitar

Prakash Jain, Sarv Dharam Matri Sangh

Syed Naseeruddin Chishty
Trustee Khwaja Moinuddin Chishty Educational Trust

Peerzada Ghulam Najmi Farooqi, Advocate

1:00 pm Conclusion
Momento Distribution and Certificates \ Vote of Thanks

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