Paper by Gulsha Begum

Solutions for terrorism

How can peace be established in the world ? No amount of sermons punishment, lecture, action can solve the problem. The only way is for each individual’s problems to be tackled with Enlightenment

Enlightenment towards the hidden truth is the only way to solve the problems, of great turmoil and violence not only in India but throughout the world. Violence is the result of the deep anger, hatred, and animosity in the minds of the people, and these negativities are manifested. When the mind is full of negativity, it will succumb to violence and harm others.

After all, society is made up of individuals. If you forget the individual and want to change the whole world, you will not be successful. If the whole jungle has withered and you want to see it green and blooming, you have to water the root of every tree. If each tree becomes green, the entire jungle will become green. Similarly, you have to deal with individuals; although it takes time, there is no other way. Spirituality beyond Religion is the only solution.

We must have compassion, not hatred, for these miserable people-the terrorists and those who use violence. They need insight and If they are brought towards enlightenment , they will certainly change for the better.

People have changed when they realise the truth , and this is bound to happen . And when the individual changes, society will change. If even ten percent of society practise a spiritual path and manifest their purity, goodwill, they will start to attract more and more people, and the whole society will start changing. This is the only solution.

Contributor Gulsha Begum
President Global Peace Mission