Paper by Dr Subhash Chandra

Title of paper
Spiritual & Moral values for World Peace & Human Unity in 21st Century

The world has witnessed dramatic changes in the 20th Century. Humanity is facing a terrible challenge of its own existence. The whole human life is in a state of turmoil because modern civilization is based on conflicts & violence.
We are living in a world of crisis, Crisis of Humanity, Crisis of Civilization and Crisis of Values. Crisis of Humanity includes the – increase in Poverty & Population and decreasing Peace. Crisis of civilization – includes hatred, intolerance and violence in the society between the people, between the groups and between the nations due to decreasing human values.
The crisis humanity faces today is a Spiritual crisis, and it can only be resolved by unity of minds, unity of cultures & unity of Religions. Religion as a social force plays an important role in building peace & harmony and also developing nonviolent global sustainable society.

Contributed by
Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Chandra
• Founder Trustee – Global Peace Foundation (GPF), New Delhi, India.
• International Coordinator, World without Anger (WWA) Kathmandu Nepal.