Paper by Ashok bala

Spiritual Values & Peace for Living Together
Our modern society is driven by a culture of materialism while the whole of human life is in a state of turmoil due to conflicts & violence in the society. Human values are decreasing at very fast rate resulting in declining the quality of life.of the people. At the dawn of the new millennium, what is required most is ‘Spiritual Values & Peace for Living together ‘in 21st century’.

God has many different names because there are many different religions but essentially, it is the same God. As there is only one God who created the whole universe, then there should be no difference from one person to another. Major world religions involved are Baha’ism, Buddhism Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism, Buddhism they all teach about universal peace & Human unity through Love & compassion. All religions teach about Universal Peace & Human unity through Love & Compassion My presentation on “Spiritual Peace Values & Spiritual Practice for Peaceful Co-existence “ is based on shared Spiritual Values in Islam & Eastern Religions with Love , Respect, Peace .Compassion & Forgiveness for peaceful living together & creating a peaceful and sustainable society..

Contributed by
Ms.Ashok Bala
Spiritual Guide & Healer
Krishna Astro Vision (KAV)
Holistic Sciences Research Institute (HSRI), New India