Conclusion of International Sufi Festival India

After 5 edition of the International Sufi Festival India held in Ajmer and Noida the conclusion is that according to the people who have believed in Peace feel that the future must be music and painting rather than hatred and violence. Against this backdrop the world can be elevated to the other side of the original paradise and a corrupt system will be reviewed to determine the specific areas where condemning anyone or trying to poison the people will not stand against the highest truth. The lie that is strongly
encouraged by persons of personal interest will fall into the hands of the same conflict. The pledge is accomplished through the highest possible combination of creation and sustenance of Spirituality

A world where we need more people who believe in the universe created by the highest truth. This truth can free us from all pain and suffering.
A Divine intervention by the highest truth is going to be served for the people of all faiths and they will start the process of subcontracting the cause by giving better future generations a better understanding of Spirituality and Peace Building techniques that can help us to improve our lives.

Words and Verses spoken behind the counter strike against the sufferings of the Humanity. We must aspire to see the difference between reality and get away from the gutters of the conflict . In this historical perspective all forms of discrimination must be untied and Peace process must take place.