Luminaries Honored as 13th Universal Sufi Festival 2016 Held in Dhaka


Speakers today expressed their commitment to continue their efforts in respective fields as part of service to humanity. They also lauded the initiative undertaken by the organizers of ‘Universal Sufi Festival’ to honor the enlightened personalities of the country.

The distinguished personalities were speaking on the occasion of   Universal Sufi Festival 2016  at national press club premises in the capital.  ” Enlightened souls, introspective utterances” as it’s theme, the ’13th Universal Sufi Festival 2016′ was held today where ten luminaries were rewarded in different categories for their contribution in their respective field.

Allama Sufi Syed Zafar Shaha, founder of the organization presided over the function.

The categories and 10 Role models receiving  the Ennoble Awards  include :   Ekushe Award to  leading sociologist Anupam Shen PhD. , vice-canceller of Premier University, for promoting Education,  Freedom Fighter Award to famous actor Raesul Islam Asad for remarkable contribution in Liberation War,  Digital Technology Award to eminent technologist Mustafa Jabbar for contribution in  Digital Technology,  Maizbhanderi Dedicated Sufi Award to Syed Abu Ashraf Mohammed Gaziul Haque the Sajjada Nashin of Comilla Ashraf Nagar Dorbar Sharif,  Social Welfare Award to Chittagong Urban Development Authority (CDA) chairman Abdus Salam for social welfare,  Author and Religious Research Award to Hadrath Khwaja Fariduddin Ahmed Chisty the Sajjada Nashin of Chisty Nagar Dorbar Sharif of Comilla ,  Health Service Award to Dr. Mohammed Delwar Hosain; divisional head of the National Kidney & Urology Hospital, Dhaka for contribution  ,  Maizbhandari Sufi Singer Award to National artist Jaane Alam ,  Comparative Religious Study Award to Prominent Islamic author & researcher Mustaq Ahmed  and Sufi Lyricist Award to Noted lyricist and composer Shah Baul Alam Sharkar .
The festival also features Blood Donation programme  in association with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society at 10 am, Multimedia Presentation at 2 pm and Introspective Sufi dialogue at 3 pm.  A number of Prominent Sufi Shaykh, Olama and Renowned  personnel apart from people of different sects and religions attended the festival.

Round Table on Character Assasination

IMG-20160319-WA0017The 3rd GPM Session took off with the burning topic of character assassination attempt as a deep sea of all evil in the world.

Former Vice Chancellor Kanta Ahuja of Jaipur University inaugrated the session by lighting the lamp.

DL Tripati Vice president PUCL spoke on the various laws that is in favour of women in our country and women must speak out against the culprits to seek justice.

Sabah Khan, Ragini Chaturvedi, Dr Sandeep Awasti, Hasan Chishty, Bakshish Singh, Shubhash Jain, Prerna Arora, Major Marfathiya and BRahmakumari Yogini participated in the session this morning.

The discussion on verbal abuse and emotional abuse in relationships was discussed which is on the rise, and the psychological damage it inflicts can be crippling. Sometimes with no hitting involved yet the subtle put-downs, the physical avoidance, the mocking is emotional abuse. Emotional abuse is a behavior and language designed to degrade or humiliate someone by attacking their self-value or personality. There are many women who are victims of emotional abuse said Gulsha Begum President Global Peace Mission

Dr Ravi Bhatnagar expressed his concern on how the law is misused by women most times with frivolous lawsuits against the men. He stressed that Character Assassination and Abuse is not on any one gender rather it’s experienced with both genders.

Dr Pam Erickson highlighted on the need of imparting sex education to bring awareness among the youth to bring about a change in the future generations.

Dr Sandeep Awasti highlighted the importance of events within our country and how women raped will have to struggle for action against the culprits. The system is too laid back or too much under pressure from higher authorities to not register most cases. Sadly this is the state of affairs in our country.

However the discussion was concluded by ms Begum on the solutions for all the unrest in the world was to turn towards spirituality. She said Spirituality teaches us to be the most powerful tool which allows us to negate all the unrest within us and in turn a better world is possible. The world cannot change unless each one takes to strict moral and virtues which alone can bring peace inside and outside. spirituality teaches us patience and tolerance in a world where one is assaulted mentally or physically. spirituality teaches us to seek justice from the universe when every other worldly system fails to give justice. Silience and faith is the greatest weapon in the world.

The participants were honoured and the session was concluded with high tea.

3rd GPM session on character assasination with Domestic violence rape & abuse

Press Release/ 16-03-2016 / Ajmer India :

3rd GPM session on character Assasination with Domestic Violence Rape and Abuse will be held at the Al Ikhlas gallery Foysagar Road Ajmer on the 19th March at 9.30 am

Spokesperson for Global Peace Mission and Divine Abode Foundation said that this is a burning topic in our country today. He further said the session will focus on how one can deal with Character Assasination in different walks of life.

Ms Gulsha Begum President Global Peace Mission said that every where there is a need to address these issues , be it marriage, workplace, society, schools, college, politics , films etc the disease of maligning another person is common and sometimes it leads to suicide.

The aim of the session is to deal with such abuse and assault with solutions for peace inside and outside.

Ragini Chaturvedi, Prof TK Mathur, DL Tripati, Kanta Ahuja , Madhu Khanna, Dr Ravi Bhatnagar, Sabah khan, Dr Sandip Awasti, Major Marfathiya, Subhash Jain, Pramila Singh, Pam Erickson, Vinod Erickson, Hasan Chishty are the few distinguished speakers who will participate in the conference.

The event organised by kamaluddin charitable trust and Divine Abode Foundation in association with national human rights council for women.

Conclusion of International Sufi Festival India

After 5 edition of the International Sufi Festival India held in Ajmer and Noida the conclusion is that according to the people who have believed in Peace feel that the future must be music and painting rather than hatred and violence. Against this backdrop the world can be elevated to the other side of the original paradise and a corrupt system will be reviewed to determine the specific areas where condemning anyone or trying to poison the people will not stand against the highest truth. The lie that is strongly
encouraged by persons of personal interest will fall into the hands of the same conflict. The pledge is accomplished through the highest possible combination of creation and sustenance of Spirituality

A world where we need more people who believe in the universe created by the highest truth. This truth can free us from all pain and suffering.
A Divine intervention by the highest truth is going to be served for the people of all faiths and they will start the process of subcontracting the cause by giving better future generations a better understanding of Spirituality and Peace Building techniques that can help us to improve our lives.

Words and Verses spoken behind the counter strike against the sufferings of the Humanity. We must aspire to see the difference between reality and get away from the gutters of the conflict . In this historical perspective all forms of discrimination must be untied and Peace process must take place.

Extract from discussions

Terrorism is like inhuman activities which is almost faced by each & every country at some point of time. It could be treated by taken some of effective measures & responsibility for the same is not liaison with government itself. We are also equally responsible for the same as well.

Some of the way suggested by speakers and public how we could avert the terrorist activities, which are shown below as following:

1. Timely implementation of the governmental welfare policy for each & every section of the nation.

2. By Given each and every section equal rights & opportunity.

3. Imparting time to time some of employment programs through out of the nation.

4. Made each & every person of the nation literate.

5. By implementation of stringent law & order through out of the nation.

6. Made aware each & every one about national integration & needs which could lead love toward the nation & respective peoples.

7. Impose a strong security through out of the nation as well as upgrading the same in terns of technology, tactics & modern weapons and timely exercise of combat operational needs.

8. By implementation of computerized system at each & every organization through out of the nation to minimized the risk & reduce the communication gaps.

9. By integration of various security organization in the single caliphate for made correct & timely decision on needs basis.

10. By holding a fair & friendly relationship to the each & every neighbor country.

11. Made progressive & developed nation by balanced development Techniques such as agriculture & industrialization which will be open up various opportunity across the nation.

12. Serious action should be taken against terrorism by the army, Tighten Land borders and sea borders with armed security all round the clock so the infiltration of terrorist into the country is stopped. India has third largest army in the world after China and United States.

13. Monopoly of dollar is another major cause for terrorism. Rejection of dollars will stop terrorism

14. Stop AMERICAN Imperialism kind of Sufism which is rising every where.

Paper by Gulsha Begum

Solutions for terrorism

How can peace be established in the world ? No amount of sermons punishment, lecture, action can solve the problem. The only way is for each individual’s problems to be tackled with Enlightenment

Enlightenment towards the hidden truth is the only way to solve the problems, of great turmoil and violence not only in India but throughout the world. Violence is the result of the deep anger, hatred, and animosity in the minds of the people, and these negativities are manifested. When the mind is full of negativity, it will succumb to violence and harm others.

After all, society is made up of individuals. If you forget the individual and want to change the whole world, you will not be successful. If the whole jungle has withered and you want to see it green and blooming, you have to water the root of every tree. If each tree becomes green, the entire jungle will become green. Similarly, you have to deal with individuals; although it takes time, there is no other way. Spirituality beyond Religion is the only solution.

We must have compassion, not hatred, for these miserable people-the terrorists and those who use violence. They need insight and If they are brought towards enlightenment , they will certainly change for the better.

People have changed when they realise the truth , and this is bound to happen . And when the individual changes, society will change. If even ten percent of society practise a spiritual path and manifest their purity, goodwill, they will start to attract more and more people, and the whole society will start changing. This is the only solution.

Contributor Gulsha Begum
President Global Peace Mission

Paper by Dr Anshu Arora

Youth Technology and Society.

In the past few decades our society has moved towards technology, management and finance. All these inputs are pro-elite and generally tend to benefit the elite.

Therefore there is a need to focus on relevance of social development to modern day society and the role youth may play in the process of development.

There is a time lag between technological and economical advancement of a society and its adjustments to such changes. Literacy is an important factor in this regard.This time lag can be shortened by literacy and scientific and technological advancement.
We are living in a knowledge era.

The society is in a flux…information technology and similar technology based institutions are almost dichotomizing the society between haves and have-nots,the knowledgeable and others.
There is a need for bridging the digital divide and social cohesiveness as society undergoes major transformations under the impact of technological changes.

Contributed by Dr.Anshu Arora